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Back Row: Bradley "Trip" Bellinger, Avery Schuberg, Youth Mentor Daniel Perreault, Coach Stacey Fox, Middle Row: Mentor Travis Wezensky, Youth Mentor Ty Perreault, Jack Weber, Spencer Fox, Chloe Wezensky, Paxton Sandel. and Coach Kathleen Rau Front Row: Emery Schuberg, Gavin Sisco

This year we competed at Freeland Middle School and Big Rapids Middle School. We had a very successful season. We did better than the season before scoring wise and got great feedback on our engineering portfolio. The Judges were especially impressed with our outreach. 

Finishing up the arm and grabber build so the programmers can finish up

Our first grabber design. After our competition in Freeland, we changed the design to a rounded claw.

Our Pits with all of our New Logos and Branding


Programming and getting things finished up before our first competition

The grabber design we switched to for the Big Rapids competition. 


Getting Ready for Judging 

Practice Matches at Freeland
Waiting for Judging in Big Rapids 

In judging this year we did better than we ever have before and got excellent feedback on our portfolio! 

Handing out our Team Spirit Award to 10255 Robodux! 

Gavin and Coach Kathleen

Trip and Gavin Taking Media Photos at Big Rapids
Chloe fixing up the PegaCyborg's mane before judging

To learn more robotics go to the FIRST Inspires or if you want to see the upcoming events go to Orange Alliance

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